The PharmAI GmbH was founded in July 2019 as spin-off from TU Dresden. We accelerate and improve the success rates in drug discovery using innovative software to tackle key hurdles faced by biopharma customers. Disruptive virtual screening technologies combined with real-world drug development expertise allow PharmAI to provide unique insight into the process and identify the optimal solution for discovery scientists.

PharmAI addresses needs in drug design, finding new applications for old drugs or failed candidates, identification of “off-targets” responsible for unwanted side-effects and extending the lifetime of approved drugs by identifying new therapeutic areas.

Disruptive Software Technologies

Technology by PharmAI


PharmAI's success builds on disruptive software technologies bundled in the DiscoveryEngine, which efficiently identifies drug candidates based on the geometry of protein binding sites and their interactions with compounds. The two most important algorithms in the DiscoveryEngine are Align and Interact, offering novel means to explore the drug-target space at a ground-breaking level of precision.

The major challenge to bridge chemical and target space far beyond chemical similarity and homology is overcome with cutting-edge algorithms based on local alignments of target structures (binding site similarity) and analysis of non-covalent interactions (drug-target interaction profiles) and the applicaion of artifical intelligence.

Over 30 Years of Experience

The Team


Our team combines best in class research and years of experience in biotech spin-out management.

Dr. Joachim Haupt


Dr. Florian Kaiser


Sharok Kimiaei, PhD


Mahmood Nazari


Moritz Kallerhoff


Dr. Andreas Kluge

Business Advisor

Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder

Scientific Advisor

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